Raise $$$$ to support the cause of your choice

Whether it’s a sports team, the marching band or another school activity . . . a program at your church . . . or some other community or charitable endeavor . . . 

Through Trilogy Partners you can generate significant funds to benefit your favored cause. 

*  *  *

SELL exclusive Advance Release copies of Fleeing the Past, the first book of Christopher LaGrone’s Delta Tango Trilogy, ahead of its release in stores in January 2021. 

RETAIN $8.00 from each sale at the cover price of $16.95 on a consignment basis. 

OR EARN $1.95 in additional revenue per book by purchasing books in carton quantities in advance of your sale. (Minimum order 26 books @ $7 per book.). 

*  *  *

Promote the book and build sales by hosting a special presentation about The Delta Tango Trilogy and Book One: Fleeing The Past.

When your audience learns the story behind these three books—as told in the short video “From Tragedy To Trilogy”—and gets to know Layne Sheppard, the main character introduced in Fleeing The Past, everyone will quickly realize that this is much more than a typical fund-raising project.

*  *  *

You can become a Trilogy Partner one of two ways:

  • Accept books on consignment and pay $8.95 for each book sold—keeping $8.00 for your designated beneficiary and returning unsold copies at the end of your sale.
  • Purchase books in advance in carton quantities (26 in a box) at the cost of $7.00 per book and realize $9.95 from each sale. Unsold copies are non-returnable.

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